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An Inclusive Weekend of Leather, Rubber, ABDL, Pup/Pet, and More!





At LA Leather Getaway, You're not just a vendor, you are a partner!  Located in the 26,000 sq/ft California Ballroom, the VendorMart has easy access right off of Figueroa Street.  Our volunteers will help you with load-in and load-out.  For more information about vending at LA Leather Getaway contact us at

Download our LA Leather Getaway Vendor Booth Reservation Information Guide below.

LA Leather Getaway Vendors

Please support our vendors year round.  The following list is from 2022. The 2023 final vendor list will be published closer to the event.


Skills & Education


Thank you for your interest in being a Leather Getaway Skills & Education presenter, and part of the world's largest curriculum of kinky sex education. Approved Presenters qualify for a complimentary Standard Attendee Package with waived fees and discounts on meals. Event registration instructions will be provided after your class is approved.


Class submission deadline is September 30, 2023.  Use the link below to apply.


For more assistance with becoming an Educator, please contact

Examples of Skills & Ed Workshops Offered at Leather Getaway


Kinky Art Show

CArtshow_Logo_IG copy.png

CLAW presents the Kinky Art Show and is inviting artists to submit up to 5 artworks of leather, kink, fetish or BDSM eroticism for this year's Leather Getaway.  Deadline for submission is October 1, 2023. We would love to have you submit your work for consideration.


We are committed to continuing to make kinky art and supporting our community of amazing artists an integral part of the Leather Getaway going forward. Please note the deadline is August 31, 2023 so that the jury has time to review all of the work and provide responses by September 30, 2023 so that there is ample notice for all the accepted artists before the event. For more information about the Kinky Art Show please contact

Examples of Kinky Art Show Submissions


Silent Auction

CLAW uses our Silent Auction to fundraise in an engaging way. Rather than simply soliciting donations, hosting a silent auction gives attendees and donors the opportunity to actively participate in an event and maybe even make an exciting purchase. Additionally, because the items being auctioned have been donated to CLAW 100% of all proceeds go into our charity fund.


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